Eletromic EM3Bs Microphone

Eletromic EM3Bs Microphone
With Flexible Gooseneck


The Electromic microphones are manufactured with advanced technology, high quality capsules, flexible goosenecks and strong bases. The microphones come with a light ring around the edge, showing when the microphone is on. It also has an on / off button, XLR output and anti-noise system that prevents noise when turning the microphone on and off.
2 Power Options
Select power mode: phantom power from 9 to 55Vcc (2mA) or 2 AAA batteries.
XLR connection
XLR.output connector for the base.
1 Year Factory Warranty
Riole grants a 1 year warranty for the Eletromic microphone, in addition to having life time technical support. This ensures the safety of a great purchase.
A red LED indicator on the edge of the microphone allows quick visualization of the active microphone, facilitating the operation of sound.
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Download: Eletromic Microphone EM3Bs