Professional Distribution Amplifier RD08

Professional Distribution Amplifier RD08
Balanced Analog Distribution Amplifier Transformer


Riole distributor Amplifiers are the only ones on the market that allow the signal distribution on separate lines, transformer balanced and isolated for radios, televisions and recording. This inhibits the ground loop, which completely eliminates any noise. All inputs and outputs are key selection or ground lift.
Output Individual adjustment
With the Distributor Amplifier RD08, you can individually adjust the output level, and reduced level through a key pad..
1 input and 8 Individual outputs
1 input with XLR and P10 connectors and 8 individual XLR outputs. Isolated transformer outputs avoiding ground loops.
1 Year Factory Warranty
Riole grants 1 year warranty for the Distribution Amplifier, in addition to having life time technical support. This ensures the safety of a great purchase.
In Metal in on graphite color, the Distributor Amplifier has the following dimensions: 5.3 cm height (with stand) X 13.4 cm width X 48.2 cm length.
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Download: Technical Specifications – the Professional Distributor Amplifier RD08