Promic P9 Plus Conference System

Promic P9 Plus Conference System
Microphone control, Voting System and Video Cameras for plenary sessions, meeting rooms and auditoriums.
qualidade em video conferecnia
Quality in Video Conference
The Video Processor (Optional) allows you to connect microphones with up to six PTZ video cameras for videoconferencing. This processor controls the cameras by sending a command to each of them in fractions of seconds and automatically focuses, frames and adjusts the zoom of the person speaking. Automatic operation ensures superior quality and high performance video during conferencing, completely eliminating human intervention.
Paquete de Software “Promic V3 Plus”

Voting Panel

Microphone Control

Section Schedule
Automatic Subtitles and Live Streaming
The Promic V3 Plus software captures the audio and video of the session. Allowing for recording in .AVI, .WMV, .MP4 and .WEBM formats. With an intuitive interface, this allows for the configuration of the subtitles and automatic change depending on the speaker. Moreover, it allows for live streaming through the internet.


Microphone Control with or without Voting

Having all the controls of the microphones by selecting the aperture, mutating or locking each base individually. All of this in a simple and intuitive way. Using a touch screen monitor, you can turn on and off the microphones and see the list of requests to speak, making sessions much more organized.

Ease of Installation

Setting up the system is extremely simple – the microphones are connected to each other, which is connected to the Promic P9 processor and other optional products; such as the Digital Stopwatch, through the Connect Plug technology.